Hunting area

Our hunting area is located in the southernmost part of Hungary, in Baranya County, bordering Croatia.


This landscape is characterised by a wide range of landscape features, from perfect steppe-like plains and floodplain forests, to divided hilly surfaces and medium mountains covered with closed forests. An outstanding characteristic of the region is that sub-Mediterranean features are strongly prevalent here - which is not typical of the country.


We do our work in the spirit of gentle and professional hunting. As a result, every year the horn can be sounded in honour of several huge, strong antlered Red Stags and Roebucks in the yard of our Hunting Lodge in Békáspuszta.

Red Stag
Wild Boar
Roe Deer

Profession and experience

Our dedicated staff of 10 is skilled in the use of the hunting horns, leading the bloodhunds and having conversations in German language. Our professional hunters set high requirements for themselves and perform their work to a high standard.

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