About our company

As one of Hungary's dominant agricultural strongholds, we pay special attention to the harmony of crop cultivation and wildlife management, which provides a calm hunting area rich in wildlife and opportunities for guests who want to hunt and also to relax.

Our hunting area is located in the southern part of Baranya county, along the border of the country.


In the scattered patches of forest, reed beds and lake systems, wild animals find shelter and rest all year round.

Our hunting lodge in Békáspuszta, located in a pleasant park guarded by old trees, in an environment free from noise pollution, promises excellent relaxation not only for hunters, but also for guests and families looking for peace and recreation.


13 comfortable rooms, several separate restaurants and a well-equipped conference room are available for the guests to have a peaceful time and an opportunity for quiet business meetings and training sessions.

We welcome our kind guests with experienced hunting staff, cozy and comfortable hunting lodge services, often praised cuisine of home-made style, and gastronomic experiences offered by our Villány winery.

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