Ideal hunting ground with outstanding capabilities

Our hunting ground is located in the most southern part of Hungary, adjacent to Croatia in Baranya County.

There are several terrain characteristics appearing in this scenery; from the steppe like perfect flatland and flood forests, through separated hilly surface to closed forest mountains. Remarkable speciality of this countryside – that is otherwise not typical of the Country – is that the sub-Mediterranean characters are strongly represented. This is manifested by higher annual average temperatures and higher period of sunny hours. Annual precipitation is somewhat over the country’s average.

Our company lies on outstanding quality of 33 thousand hectares hunting ground with 10 % forested area. The area is mainly agricultural habitat with patches of reeds, marshes, varied by boggy bits of willow and alder offering excellent cover and feed for game.

World famous game stock, professional game management

We work in the spirit of considerate and professional hunting. As a result of this every year the horn blows can honour several record trophies of red deer  stags and roe bucks at the yard of Békáspuszta hunting lodge. Besides the outstanding quality of red deer and roe deer stock wild pigs are permanent game species of the area. Presence of the wild pigs in intensive agricultural surroundings is not preferred due to their continuous crop damage. We do not disturb our hunting area with big game drives. Driven hunts are only held twice in our 300 hectares (740 acre) pig garden.

Besides the well-deserved world famous big game stock the small game population - so dear for the true hunter - is pride fully of high density.

According to our considerate harvest 450 red deer, 400 roe deer and about 800 wild pigs are harvested annually.

Profession and experience

Humble for their profession 10 men personnel are experienced in horn blowing, blood hound handling also acquainted with German language.  Our professional hunters are demanding towards themselves and perform their work at a high standard.