Dear Visitor!

I welcome you with honour on our website that gives an insight to our company’s game management and hunting activity as well as introducing the ambiance of our hunting lodge.

As head of the Game Management Branch let me introduce you to our hunting ground and our services. Let me picture the committed work of handling this legendary hunting ground guided by the aim of conservation and gratitude towards our game stock.

This outstanding hunting ground lies along the Hungarian border in the southern part of Baranya County. The area is mainly agricultural land diversily intermitted by patches of forests and systems of fish ponds. There is considerable size of area without water runoff, reeds, sedges, network of ditches providing excellent shelter and cover for game. The main game species of the 33 thousand hectares hunting unit - surrounded by the floodplains of the Danube and Drava – is the red deer population with excellent genetic value.

As expected by the group of owners we put great emphasis on the conservation and handling of red deer besides the management of roe deer and wild pig. Parallel to big game management, we heavily preserve, by all means guard and support our small game stock that is so dear for the true hunter.

Free of noise contamination, surrounded by a park with old trees lies our hunting lodge Békáspuszta that offers excellent relaxation not only to hunters, but to guests and families seeking rest and looking for peace. 13 comfortable rooms, several separated restaurants and well equipped conference rooms provide undisturbed business talks and trainings serving the comfort and peaceful rest of our guests.

We await our visiting guests by well-trained hunting personnel, with comfortable services in our hunting lodge as well as gastronomic adventures of home-made style food of our acknowledged restaurant and our vinery of Villány.

Game Management Brach